Hi, my name's Nursakti Adhi Pratomoatmojo. I'm a faculty member of Urban and Regional Planning Department ITS as well as researcher member at Computing and Modeling Laboratory. My knowledge background is Urban and Regional Planning (ST / B.Eng.) and Geography (M.Sc.). In general, I am interested in the field of spatial simulation that aims to solve the problems of regional and urban complexity. In order to explore and understanding the spatial complexity, I often perform GIS (Geographical Information System) as main base of my works. I am also interested in computer-spatial programming to create and tested the methods of urban and regional analysis. I have developed several urban planning softwares, such as LanduseSim (www.landusesim.com) for urban growth modelling simulation and TranetSim for transportation network analysis, and many things still under development.

Quote for Planner : Personally, an urban/regional planner who is always and constantly be faced with a decision that lead to a future orientation (such as determining of future plan), has the ability to get some overview information related to the future by means of forecasting is a requisite skill while observing the spatio-temporal from historical data is a fundamental skill.

Research Interest : Urban Modelling, Urban Form and its interaction, Landuse-Transport Planning, GIS, and Data Visualization

Language : English, Indonesia
Computer Programming : Python (Advance), JavaScript (Basic)