Develop GIS Viewer, deal with coordinates, without any of spatial libraries
October 2014

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This is the great achievement when I'm working on GIS development. Finnaly, I conceive and understand about the logic behind the GIS viewer, such as ArcGIS, QGIS and others, in particularly while working on spatial data acompanied by its coordinates. I build this without using any kind of spatial or GIS libraries, just write some short code manually, and run it. Perhaps it looks small and simple, trust me this is huge achievement for me.

Develop the simplest tool of AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)
September 2014

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I Just wanna show the easiest tool that i've created to analyze the weighting parameters by means of AHP method. In here I develop a Python script to analyze it. First, prepare the data on Excel Microsoft Office that containts weighted data. second, copy-paste the data from Excel to Notepad and run the app.. and it's done. This app is automatically detects the number of variables that were compared. Interesting, while preparation data has never been easier than in Excel :). Here, I give few links about AHP.

My first web graphic using JavaScript for data visualization
February 2014

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My first experience using the JavaScript in order to create extraordinary graphic. I'm very impresed by its ability in supporting creativity inside Canvas. By this capability, it gonna be easy to create an infograph. Somehow, there is an argue that the data visualization is very important to power up the promotion and enhance the communication. I thought that is important for urban planner as well.

Prototype 2.0 - LanduseSim : Simple Land Use/Land Cover Change Modeling and Simulation.
September 2013

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In this video I demonstrated the latest version of development progress of LanduseSim. It shows the simplest way to do land use modeling based on raster by means of Cellular-Automata algorithm. In this simulation the settlement area growth is selected as simulation object. The growth itself will be limited by taking into account of several adopted constraints, i.e. flood, port, and river. However, I proceed the development of LanduseSim to be more appropriate solution for spatial planning purposes. To know further details about LanduseSim, please visit